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 I am a dreamer of sorts. I always ask myself why in the world, these two mighty sisters, who live next to each other, better known as India and China, are not as close and united, as they should ?

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Sergio RamBlue

     In this page I offer a few highlights of my past, believes and past endeavors. The reason for sharing this information is not due to narcissist tendencies but rather to facilitate the process of making a few good friends. God knows how difficult it is to make acquaintances now a days. Before I began, let me state, everyone has an interesting story to tell and could write a biography of their own.

Without further a due, a short version of where I stand today, as a result of the paths I’ve chosen.

 I came to America at age 13 but has been unable or unwilling to give up my native language and  traditions... Either that or the famous melting pot never quite liked my Cuban flavor. Either way, consequently, because of it, I still speak. read and write Spanish to perfection, which in all truth is quite a blessing.

I love America and I am very  grateful of this great nation and proud of being, a U.S citizen. The U.S.A military taught me the good habits of self discipline. I'm well organized in most areas of daily life, fully employed in the present and earning a living thus still contributing to society in a positive way. I think it is outstanding that an ordinary man such as me can have his own website and be able to publish to the web.  Mind you, it does not bother me one bit, knowing, most likely people will not bother to read all these textual lines because of the  (Not Enough Time Syndrome)


Swimming, auto mechanics, gardening, bicycling, digital photography, video production and (hobby web design).

Special skills.

I'm an expert @ Microsoft Windows, with 13 years of software and hardware know how, having taken several courses in these fields at Miami Dade Community college. If you are local and need help, you can contact me in regards to getting your PC or laptop repaired. Since I don't do this for a living, my hourly fees are way more competitive and my work is more thorough. It might take me longer than a full time technician but I get the job done, right. I am also available for document translations from Spanish @ English.

How God moves me.

 I am not affiliated or embrace any religious practice.

I believe the ancient masters have taught us to act on our believes with good deeds. Actions carry a lot more weight than any amount of spoken words. Personally, I have studied some of the different faiths known to man and have decided to make my own... Mine has a personalized set of rituals, it's a one of a kind hybrid, based on extracts from Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism and Buddhism. I believe that organized religion, what accomplishes the most is division among fellowmen.

More crimes have been committed in ( The Name of God, Churches and Temples ) than for any other cause.

Past endeavors:

 I've devoted 20 years of my life working in my community. Faith and spiritual drive motivated my previous career choice. I used to make a living working as a Certified Nursing Assistant as well as a Service Coordinator.

 I am proud of the fact that, I've made a living working for (The Visiting Nurse Association Of Dade County)  1984-2004.

 The V.N.A was a non profit Association funded by grants from (The United Way). We cared for the home bound patients, the terminally ill and people with HIV/AIDS.

 Life changing event:

Graduation day at Parris Island, SC and completion of (Military Occupational Service)  Field Radio Operator @ Camp LeJeune, NC.

sergio usmc 77

My life  mottos:

  1. Happiness is a state of mind.
  2. If someone you love asks you for their release, do just like you would with a caged bird, set them free. If they never return, they never belonged nor were yours to keep.
  3. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Shortly Speaking:

I'm an ordinary man in compliance with society's established parameters, possessing a touch of rebelliousness and altruistic beliefs for mankind.

Honestly revealing. I am an Indigo Soul: Thanks to the knowledge presented in the YouTube video in my HOME page, I know for a fact that I am an (Indigo Child) I can now understand myself better and come into terms with my past experiences.

Today, while at the final stages of my life and were ego and pride has subsided I would like t to share with everyone how I struggled during the early years of my existence.

While in the process of growing up, I knew I was different and self conscious about it. I was abused, bullied and ridiculed in school. To others I seemed slow and not all there. Back in those days no one knew about  Autism, ADD or Asperger Syndrome. Thank God for my loving mother who must have noticed and worked with me intensely. I remember her schooling me privately and heavily interacting to help me overcome phobias and erratic behavior. When I reached fifteen years of age, something inside me snapped and changes started to take place for the better. As I grew older I began to focus more and started analyzing my previous state of mind. I had many questions for my father and tried to dig deep into his soul. My father was a wrecking ball with very serious issues of his own. He was an ill tempered man who lived by the sword and consequently died by the sword. My dad was killed by a man during a bar brawl. This happened while I was just about to turn twenty one. We all know each person lives according to his will, thus unlike my father I molded myself after my loving mother who was the embodiment of kindness and gentleness.

Consequently, I believe God healed me or my mom healed me or I healed on my own or all of the above. I continued to improve until eventually becoming what everyone calls, “normal”. In retrospect , I feel, having being different than the rest gave me certain entitlements by God's Grace, to receive certain skills and gifts, including but not limited to the ability of vividly remembering pleasurable as well as traumatic events. I can recall all the way back to the times when I was age four. Still today I have the memory of an elephant and this allows my mind to rummage and  learn from many past mistakes. The other gift I possess that would like to mention is; a great capacity for empathy towards others. This wonderful attribute helped me perform well, in the workplace during the twenty plus years I spent in the medical field. As a closing statement, allow me to bring to your attention the amount of human beings who don't know the meaning of the word Empathy . English is my second language thus this fancy word, I learned recently, I neither knew its Spanish equivalent nor never heard it being used. Nevertheless I have always had it and carried it deep within.. I Googled it for you, just click on the red text link above. You might receive a refresher on what this powerful word conveys. Mind you, knowing its meaning and feeling it in every fiber of your soul like I do, are two worlds apart.

Please, don't get me wrong, I am not bragging. I realize that everyone has their own unique gifts and talents, its just that, I feel, if everyone could practice more empathy toward each other, this world of ours would be a better place to be.

 Finally, I want to thank my best and true gigantic friend, the World Wide Web, for helping with the healing process I so badly needed.

A few words in Spanish: (Con los pobres de la tierra quiero yo mi suerte hechar) Proper translation  > (With the poor people of the land I want to share my fate)

Footnote: This website has had over 7000 hits, since its creation. Mostly young visitors, looking for my (Corolla Mods) page.

Disclaimer: I arrived to America many years ago yet never attended college. Please, accept my apologies if while reading these pages you find bad grammar or poorly structured sentences.

Click photo below, to visit a page about my favorite Indigo Hero. His name was Nicola Tesla.


Photo above taken from Wikipedia.

 Below is a questionnaire, to determine if you are an Indigo child.

  Do you feel perfectly fine with being alone?

 Do you sometimes feel wise beyond your years?

 Do you have trouble conforming to the ways of society?

 Do you feel out of place in today's world?

 Do you perceive the world very differently than most people around you?

 Do you have strong intuition about certain things that most others do not?

 Do you often feel misunderstood when you try to talk to people about what's real?

 Are you always searching for hidden truths?

 Do you feel like you were born to accomplish a special mission in life?

 Do you feel isolated and alone in your beliefs?

 Are you misunderstood by family members?

 Do you feel anti-social unless you are with people of like mind?

 Are you emotionally sensitive?

 Did you have a difficult childhood?

 Do you feel resentment towards established dogmas and the way the world is run?

Are you always searching for your greater purpose in life but feel like the world isn't set up for your kind?

If you answered yes to these questions, then most likely, you are an Indigo Child. 

Footnote: A resentment I have with society is the fact that I have to shave because dogma dictates it. I feel that God gave me facial hair for a reason, to me is a symbol of wisdom, manhood and is something to be proud of but this seems to bother some people. Personally, I want to look the parts but women will say;  “It makes you look old and uncivilized, shave it off and you will look younger and much more handsome”

Mission Statement:The creation of this website serves no ulterior motives, other than educate the youth. It is up to them to carry the flag of EVOLUTION. The new generation coming to being, they are our only hope. It is my only one desire to contribute, into making this, a better world, however small this contribution might be.   

If you wish to donate, you may do so, safely. The link below will take you directly to my Pay Pal Business Account. Don't let the button that reads (BUY NOW) discourage you. You are not buying anything! Your donation, whatever amount you choose will be used to pay for the operating costs of running and maintaining this website.  Thank you in advance. Please, feel free to contact me at my email address: sergio@ramblue.com                                                                                                                                                  

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