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Australian aborigene playing the didgeridoo.

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Below you will find a couple of galleries containing some of my favorite shots. The photos on the bottom were taken while I lived in Miami. I recently moved out and frankly  don't miss the big (305).The city's quick tremendous growth was the main reason why I left. Miami has grown very large, fancy, expensive and too crowded. It simply reminds me of the complexity found in Los Angeles, California.

I now live in Jacksonville. This is the town that one of my best friends wanted me to move to, so here I am. And so far, I absolutely love it. People in Jax are friendlier and more polite. We have affordable rent rates, lower costs of living, highways everywhere and they are all toll free, less traffic, less crime, huge trees and forests preserves everywhere, a humongous beautiful river running along the middle of the city, lower car insurance premiums and utility bills. Additional bonuses: Parking meters with reasonable rates and free to park from 6pm to midnight. Jax seems to have a church in every corner and the whole atmosphere just reminds me of how Miami used to be. Also, there seems to be a lesser tendency in the practice of nepotism among city employees, this is probably due to the lower numbers of crooked politicians...Thank you very much. I have just given you my own personal opinion. Sorry, Miami.

 Did I mentioned climate? Jax has greater numbers of days of cool weather with temperatures that never go below 30% and that translates to (NO SNOW, EVER)

 Miami has Key West and we have St Augustine. I have chosen the latter. I am definitely here to stay and will be calling this beautiful city, my home for the long run. smiley (1)


Just last week I headed out the door with my old camera to capture some of Jax’s beauty. Below you can see a few apples of my eyes. More photos soon to come, please, stand by.

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Jacksonville vs Miami. Showdown.

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