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Home1<<<Home Page to RamBlue.com.

Fav Shots<<<Page about my favorite photos.

R Harvit<<<Page about Robert Harvit.

C Segrera<<<Page about Cuban artist, Clemente Segrera.

J Elesgaray<<<Page about Cuban artist, Juan Elesgaray.

Rolla Mods<<<Page about Corolla modifications. Photos taken with a Canon Elph 310HS.

Coral Castle<<<Page about Coral Castle. Photos taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T2i.

About Me<<<Page about me.

button (2)<<<Frame viewer of Jacksonville gallery. Photos taken with a Canon Elph 310HS

button (3)1<<<Frame viewer of Miami Dade gallery.

button (3)<<<Frame viewer of Robert Harvit’s gallery. Black & White.

button (4)<<<Frame viewer of Robert Harvit’s gallery. Color.

button (5)<<<Frame viewer of Clemente Segrera’s gallery.

button (6)<<<Frame viewer of Juan Elesgaray’s gallery.

button (7)<<<Frame viewer of Toyota Modification’s gallery.

button (8)<<<Frame viewer of Coral Castle’s gallery.

Lao Tzu<<<Page about Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu.

Love India<<<Page about why I love India.

Tesla<<<Page about Nicola Tesla.

When clicking on any of these frame viewers and being presented with the first photograph, you can proceed to view the rest. You will find three small arrows. One is pointing to the left and the other to the right. You can click on either one to load the rest of the photos onto the frame. Click the arrow pointing up to go back to the corresponding gallery page.

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Mission Statement:The creation of this website serves no ulterior motives, other than educate the youth. It is up to them to carry the flag of EVOLUTION. The new generation coming to being, they are our only hope. It is my only one desire to contribute, into making this, a better world, however small this contribution might be.   

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